The Free Range Singers are Back This Spring!


We will continue to fulfill our three-part mission through fun, social singing:


If anyone wants to sing with us, we do our best to support and celebrate their participation, whether they have had years of music making or have been afraid to sing even in the shower. 


We sing as a way to be present in our bodies, a way to be playful in spirit, a way to develop heartfelt connections with each other, and a way to keep our minds sharp as we grow and learn.


Our material comes from many sources, old and new, local and international, oral and written, and we seek to express the fullness of human emotion and experience in song.

This growing community chorus-experience will begin again the week of February 11, with evening meetings: Tuesday evenings 7-8:30 at the UU Church. 

Spring 2013 will comprise a twelve-week open session: Feb. 11 to April 29.

We will be singing favorite songs from previous seasons as well as new, quick-to-learn part songs, rounds, and sing-alongs. We will have three opportunities to perform casually in local, creative contexts:

Woodland Art About Fri. April 4

Winters Art Walk Sat. April 5

Davis Art Walk Fri. April 11


This session of the Free Range Singers includes:

   --Laura's ginger tea and snacks at every rehearsal!  

   --A packet of songs with lyrics and sheet music for each committed participant.  For continuing singers, this will be a supplemental packet to add to what you already have from last session.

   --Singing to express your full range and free your true voice. 

   --All voices welcome-- no audition.  

   --Variety of repertoire-- music from many traditions, styles from playful to serious, simple to complex.  Also featuring original songs and arrangements by Laura Sandage and Katie Henry.  Much of our material will be learned by ear.

   --Activities to build your musical skills and exercise your brain, body, and spirit.

   --Suggested donation: $8-$12 per rehearsal or as you are able. $96-$144 for the season, or $48-$72/6-week half, or $32-$48/month for three months. Scholarships available.  Nobody misses out on Free Range Singing because of money!



The Free Range Singers are taking their songs into the community to sing at Art About nights in April!  Come and sing along!
Friday April 4, 5:30-6:10pm: Woodland Art About.  Free Range Singing at Watermelon Music, 527 Main Street.

Friday April 11, 6-7pm: Davis Art Walk.  Free Range Singing at the Pence Gallery, 212 D St.


In May and June, the UU Church of Davis will offer four Tuesday evenings of Sacred Circle Song and Worship, 7-9 pm.

May 6: Vespers Circle with Caitlin Cotter

May 20: Sacred Circle Song with Laura Sandage and Doug Von Koss

June 3: Vespers Circle with Caitlin Cotter and Laura Sandage

June 17: Sacred Circle Dance and Song with Laura Sandage and Joan Rawles-Davis


This Spring, the Free Range Singers session will be open to all voices-- commit to all 12 weeks, a 6 week chunk, or don't commit and drop in when you can.  There will be no big concert at the end of the season, but a few opportunities to share songs in our local community will arise.  We meet Tuesdays 7-8:30pm at the UU Church of Davis.  The choir is supported by donations from singers-- $8-$12/session suggested, or as you are able.  If you are new, try a night for free-- the warmth and fun of this group is hard to describe!


The UU Sparks Choir rehearses Thursdays  7:15-9:00PM in the UU Church of Davis Sanctuary, and performs three Sundays per month at the 11:15 service.

All voices welcome. This is a fun family of devoted singers, and you can be part of it!

Contact me with any questions or concerns: 530-848-4812

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